Philips Semiconductor, Inc / NXT  

This 10-acre site was remodeled and upgraded between 1989 and 2005. The manufacturing spaces and semiconductor fabs were built and extensively remodeled. Later the site was improved to become global headquarters for many Philips business units.









Coapt Medical Systems

Completed the renovations of Palo Alto headquarters of the surgical device company Coapt. The work scope accounted for construction of 18,000 square feet in offices and lab spaces, including two clean rooms, surgical suites, a shipping and receiving depot, inventory control sites, a break room, and multiple ventilation features.


Stanford Hospital

Provided construction and remodeling services, including the coordination and installation of a research MRI machine.




MOXI Studios

Construction of media development studio for Microsoft and Moxi entertainment. The project consists of a complete demonstration video lab with multi-suite evaluation labs.


Stanford University Television Studio Facility


Design Within Reach

UBS is involved in high profile retail, developing and building sites for clients such as Design Within Reach. Our partnering with Gensler Architects has resulted in a very prominent retail boutique in Palo Alto, California. Work scope has included construction of a 7,000 sq. ft. retail store: completing all interior finishes and installation of new exterior custom designed glass wall systems.



Exploratorium Palace of Fine Arts

Foundation restoration of the Exploratorium, ground-up construction of a new retail store, fast track construction of a new theatre for global live broadcasting, and construction of a retail ticket office and backroom office areas.


First Congregational Church

Construct and renovate new congregational activities center including restrooms and related ADA improvements.



Video Transform

Complete renovation of an existing 20,000 s.f. industrial building into a state of the art digital media development center. The project includes four Media development Cafes, working video and television studios and duplication galleries featuring the latest in recording and production techniques. The site transformation will set a new standards in energy efficiency, seeking a prestigious Gold LEED Certification.

Menlo Park School District

Construction of new district television studio production facility. The intended use is for district productions and a hands on learning experience for the students.

The campus site contained two 120,000 square foot 3-story office buildings and. The improvements were built-to-suit for the highly technical needs of Philips Semiconductor Group, the projects incorporated sophisticated inter-connected lighting, electrical, and HVAC systems, sub station power.




Tenant Improvement

University of California, San Francisco

Construction of multiple lab spaces, renovation of the primate surgical center, and extensive remodeling at the UCSF Parnasuss and Mission Bay campuses.  


Wells Fargo Bank & Home Mortgage

Construction of over 15 home mortgage offices and new bank sites including, but not limited to, all interior finishes, electrical, mechanical, and data.

Microsoft Corporation

At the Mountain View headquarters,

Construction of employee library and break

room. Various security system upgrades.



Design and construction of over 225 offices

For engineering staff and technical support

personnel. Construction of a cafeteria and

computer assembly facility.


Commerce Net

Building of a new 46,000 sq. ft. E‐Commerce facility including structural renovations, classrooms, open office areas, MEP, lobbies, and restrooms, and ADA upgrades.





Santa Clara County Office of Education


Complete remodel of all interior classrooms, therapy facilities, kitchens, administrative offices, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, ADA upgrades, and all related finishes.



Ground up design and construction of a new bus maintenance building

for San Clara’s transportation department. The project included vehicle lift installation, compressor systems, and wash stations.


Campbell Unified School District

Menlo Park School District

San Francisco Unified School District

San Jose Unified School District




Wells Fargo projects include: San Francisco, Oakland, San Rafael, Hayward, Palo Alto, San Mateo, San Jose, Hollister, Willow Glen, Monterrey, and Fremont.


Tiemann Investment Advisors

Provided Class A tenant improvements to construct offices in an existing facility.


Smith Barney

Three phase expansion of financial offices and conference rooms. First phase created 14 new private offices and admin space. Second and third phase included remodel of 16 existing offices, conference rooms and admin space. Phase two work was in occupied space and required coordination with local management and financial advisors.



California Highway Patrol

Provided construction and remodel services for

the Gilroy CHP offices including but not limited

to, employee locker facilities and adjacent areas.


City of Palo Alto

Provided security and service upgrades to over 18 substations and electrical service facilities.



                   Furnish, design, and deploy a Geo‐Exchange retrofit to an

                   exististing Palo Alto office building.


City of San Mateo

Preferred Contractor for the city of San Mateo’s SMALL HOME REPAIR PROGRAM.  Providing free home repairs and energy efficiency enhancements to residential properties belonging to income qualified San Mateo homeowners.


United States Navy

Construction of five self‐contained, prefabricated, procurement office buildings that were air freighted to Saudi Arabia in support of US Naval efforts in the Persian Gulf.


San Francisco DMV

Construction of new break room with kitchen cabinets millwork and appliances, The scope included electrical, plumbing, drywall, painting and flooring.

San Jose International Airport

Renovation of Terminal A, heating and ventilation systems including but not limited to related interior finishes. Construction of testing facilities, a new factory for global manufacturing requirements, and design and renovation of multiple buildings.


Texas Instruments, Inc.

Engineering and office space renovations. Construction of a secure Department of Defence




Construction of offices, data facilities, and mechanical upgrades to the headquarters building. Project specialization included extensive acoustic dampening for the offices and data center.

Level 5 security conference center for the Tomahawk Phase 2 program. Design and renovation of the new TI Design center in Palo Alto, CA. Construction of data centers at three separate building sites.


Dow Jones & The Wall Street Journal

Press building expansion and interior renovations including extensive seismic, structural, and ADA upgrade work.


Trend Technologies, Inc.

Interior and exterior construction of a plastics manufacturing plant and related offices. Construction of testing facilities, a new factory for global manufacturing requirements, and design and renovation of multiple buildings.


The improvements included all aspects of class A office space and class 10 clean rooms, data centers, fabrication and test floors as well as high-end interior furnishings, athletic rooms, cafeterias and multiple public space areas creating a noticeably professional atmosphere throughout.

SEMI – Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International

Construction of a new 40,000 sq. ft. corporate headquarters building.  Fast tracked and completed in less than 16 weeks including design, permitting, and construction.  This project included structural renovation as well as all interior finishes.



Building of soundproof rooms for the containment of loud process

equipment at the Test and Design facility. Construction of a new

engineering office facility.


Vishay Siliconix

Remodel of multiple sites at the headquarters and manufacturing

facilities. Provided ADA upgrades to the headquarters site.



Tenant Improvement that had multiple phases in order to work around existing tenant. Included demo, millwork, glass, window film, drywall, acoustical ceiling, painting, flooring, fire sprinklers, plumbing, HVAC, fire life safety, and electrical.


Hine Design, Inc.

Design, fabrication, and installation of over 100 modular offices.



Construction of clean rooms for advanced products testing.



Design and construction of over 225 offices for engineering staff and technical support personnel. Construction of a cafeteria and computer assembly facility.




Sandoz Research

Construction of insect research laboratories including dry and wet lab components. Renovation of the headquarters annex building.


Stanford Durand Sciences Building

Renovation on multiple floors of classrooms, faculty offices, optics laboratories, television studios,  Ada restrooms, asbestos abatement, steel structure seismic upgrades, drywall, acoustical finishes, new mechanical, and electrical services.



Reardon Studios

Construction of a new video production studio including all AV design and implementation. Building of new interior offices while maintaining functionality of an owner occupied facility.


Cummings Art Building

Construction of new interpretive art presentation center.




Complete build-out of Starbucks Restaurant including food prep, serving and public space areas. The work included, Ada restrooms, HVAC and plumbing, custom millwork, stainless counter tops, tile, marble finishes, painting, flooring, walls and acoustic elements.



Complete build-out of Evita's Restaurant including kitchen, HVAC and plumbing, custom millwork, tile, marble finishes, painting, flooring and an extensive lighting package.


Soul Food Café

Complete build-out of Restaurant including dinning and private areas. The work included, Ada restrooms, drywall partitions, HVAC and plumbing, custom millwork, stainless counter tops, marble finishes, painting, flooring, walls and acoustic elements.




Stanwood & Price

Construction and design of a Palo Alto based law firm, including all

interior finishes and casework.


Sol Focus

Interior building renovations for a solar technology startup.



Headquarters facility construction including acoustic testing labs, design

center, and executive offices.



Provided tenant improvements and

construction of computer facilities and

administrative offices.



Construction of general offices and software development facility including a audio]visual conference center.


ETek Dynamics, Inc.

Construction of clean rooms for the manufacturing and assembly of hightech electronic components


Digeo / Palo Alto Internet Exchange

Construction of new offices and renovation of the existing building at headquarters: 529 Bryant St, Palo Alto, CA. Renovation of executive offices and construction of a secure data and design center. Alphatec Electronics Corporation Office and manufacturing space remodel and upgrade.


Commerce Net, Inc.

Building of a new 46,000 sq. ft. E]Commerce facility including structural renovations, classrooms, open office areas, MEP, lobbies, and restrooms, and ADA upgrades.


Teledyne Electronic Technology

Interior renovation of offices and R&D facilities. Construction of new

manufacturing facilities at multiple sites.


Harbor Plastics

Construction of a heavy industrial plastics injection molding manufacturing plant. Work included demolition, renovation, service upgrades, and structural upgrades in a 160,000 sq. ft. facility.


LSI Logic, Inc.

Interior tenant improvement construction in multiple buildings.



Building interior demolition and reconstruction of a 46,000 sq. ft. research building for the advanced robotics vehicles group.


Tool Tech

Tenant Improvement for tool fabrication and machining operation work included full demo, millwork, drywall, acoustical ceiling, paint, flooring, fire sprinklers, plumbing, fire life safety, and electrical.



Construction and remodeling of a 6 building complex incorporating executive offices, production spaces, materials storage areas.  Tenant Improvement including extensive demolition, millwork, drywall with insulation, door frames, hardware, ceramic tile for restrooms, floor coverings, painting, Mecho-shading, plumbing, fire sprinklers, HVAC including 11 new rooftop units with roof screens and roof patches, and extensive power systems for injection molding facility, dryer rooms for material storage, tool rooms and extensive telephone data infrastructure.





Stanford University

Athletics Facilities,Magnetic Resonance Research Building, Faculty Club, Building 30 Remodel, Jordan Hall, Cummings Art Building,


Encinal Elementary Remodel

Construction of new playground structures,  Remodel and finish upgrade include new floors, windows, doors, painting and acoustic finishes


Arbors restoration

Construct DSA approved steel arbor structures for students outdoor activities at multiple Menlo Park School  District sites.


Microsoft , Silicon Valley Research Library

Tenant Improvement which included demo, millwork, doors with door bottoms, drywall with double layers for sound, acoustical ceiling, floor coverings, painting,  fire sprinklers, plumbing, HVAC, fire life safety, and electrical. Card reader system, security alarm system, and tele/data all included.


UCSF Clinical Sciences Building

Demolition and reconstruction of administrative offices at the Parnassus San Francisco campus. Work included walls, doors, electrical, sprinkler, fire alarms, plumbing, HVAC, fire life safety, security and phone, data.


Robert Sanders  School

Construction of new auditory testing rooms and administrative offices. Work was performed around the existing users and completed off hours.


Miller Elementary

Furnish and install in 44 class rooms a new comprehensive fire alarm system.  Work included new electrical service and cafeteria upgrades, system integration and controls programming.


Blackford Elementary

Replacement of 165 class room doors and panic hardware upgrades.   Including new windows, drinking fountains and painting.


Parkway Elementary

Installed new lighting systems in 14 classrooms.  The lighting incorporates daylight sensors, energy management controls and teacher presentation controls.


Parkway Child Development Center

Construct classrooms for the Child development center. Each new classroom was 36ft. x 40ft. the classrooms were ground up construction with all services including, restrooms, fire alarms, sprinklers, lighting, paint carpet finishes, concrete foundations, walkways,  site work and landscaping.